Saturday, 29 June 2013


Yesterday while at work I see a post from the SPCA saying they got 11 cats in their first 20 minutes of being open. So I decided that since it was payday that Darby and I would bring them some cat food. I pick Darby up from daycare and we go to the grocery store and I bought about $30 worth of cat food and some bleach and went brought it to the shelter. Darby walked  in carrying a bag full of food and a worker ,looked at us and said "Just put it in the corner." So we looked at the animals and left, Darby is now begging me for a kitty. We have a cat named Banshee, but Banshee sleeps with me in the bed, and Darby wants a kitty of his own that will sleep in his bed. He told me he would bathe it everyday and it could wear his Spiderman jammies.
So we come home to dog pee on the floor. I clean it, only after Darby steps in it, and we continue with our night. I remember there was a sale at a store and last night was the last night of the sale. I wanted to get some clothes for my son for fall so I asked him to come with me so he could pick out what he wanted. He chose a shirt with kitties on it, a skateboarding skeleton, and a Shark polo shirt. He was running around and playing, which makes it hard to too around, but I found what I wanted. A sweater, a t-shirt and some old lady earrings and we went to the cash. In the line my 4 year old sees some car toys. I ask him to put them back and when I go up to pay the tears begin. Then something completely out of character. He hit me, kicked me and attempted to bite me. This is new. I have never seen him act like this. So we are making our way out, he's crying and screaming because he wants me to buy him a toy. I refuse and we are at the doors and a man comes over, grabs my sons hands pulls them off the door, puts his hand on his back and shoves him and says "I'm closing this, it's time for you to go." I stood there in shock as the jerk shakes his head and throws his hands in the air and marches away. I get to the car, wrestle my son into his seat, also something very new, and call my husband and tell him what just happened. Within minutes he's at the store.The man in question was the store manager on duty. While my husband is inside dealing with him, I am in my car on the phone with head office.
Last night I barely slept. Mostly do to my dog's thunder anxiety, and my neighbor who desperately needs a new muffler idling his car for an hour.
Today I woke up unbelievably cranky.
I'm PMSing and it happens unfortunately!
Eventually I calmed down, took a nap, and we went to see a movie at the theater.
20 minutes until the end of the movie, the movie theater popcorn I love met up with my IBS. I think I may have to stop eating my beloved popcorn. :(
The moral!
Don't leave the house. Just stay inside and hide! This is why I don't go anywhere!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Inappropriate comments

My son wears glasses. He wears glasses because he needs them to see.
I am aware of this.
I was with him for the first appointment when he got drops that dilated his pupils and he couldn't see.
I was with him when we went to store after store to find green glasses, which he now refuses to wear because the second pair we got for free are Spider Man glasses.
I paid the very large bill because his prescription in each eye is different and the lenses have to be specially made and they cost $100 a pop! (yes, $100/lense... I know it's expensive!)
I was there when he went back to see if the prescription was correct.
And I was on my way to yet another appointment with him on Wednesday morning.
Unfortunately I had forgotten the night before I wasn't coming into work the next morning, and had the bank card on me, as well as a car full of office supplies I had picked up the night before. So I quickly stopped into work to drop this stuff off with my son before we went to the optometrist.
My co-worker, who doesn't seem to do so well with adults, is great with young kids. My son is extremely shy, but he had him talking and running around very quickly. Which impressed me quite a bit. Then he had to ruin it. He looked at me, with my son standing right there and said in front of 5 other people "He's blinking allot. That's not normal, he shouldn't be doing that."

1! He's not deaf

2! I didn't notice.. OH WAIT! YES I DID! I'M HIS MOTHER!!!!!!

If there is anyone in the world that is gonna notice that there is something going on with his eyesight it's ME!!! I noticed when he initially began squinting and blinking, although we really hoped it was nothing and just our imagination.
Also, in case you missed it, I took the day off to take him to the OPTOMETRIST!
I just couldn't believe a grown man would point that out to my 4 year old son, then say it's not normal. I mean come on dude! It's not rocket science.
So of course today he asks me how the appointment went, I say "Not great. he has to wear an eye patch for the next 5 weeks."
His response "I knew it! When I saw him blinking like that I knew there was something not right. Kids shouldn't be doing that if their normal!"
I just looked at him. Apparently with a pretty mean look on my face cause he got the hint and walked away.

I just don't get some people.