Wednesday, 27 March 2013

tap tap tap SMACK! OW!

So here is the story to the best of my memeory.
It was about 12 or 13 years ago.
I arrive at my friends house as we are going downtown. My friend Nick asks me "Katie. Will you punch me in the face?"
I ask "What?"

Nick says "I've never been punched int he face before, will you punch me in the face?"

Tap tap tap tap tap SMACK!

Nick yells "OW! Will you stop that!" at John, who wanted to be the one to punch him in the face, and since the initial discussion had come up John had been looking for opportunities to punch Nick in the face, and always got a running start.

I can't remember if I agreed immediately, or told him I would think about it, however the punch came later in the night. I think my reasoning was if I was gonna do it Nick should have a few drinks in him first.

So finally after leaving the bar, standing in Robinson Court, the time came for Nick to be punched in the face.

Tap tap tap tap SMACK!

Nick yells "Stop that!" at John who tried to get another shot in.

So I punched him. He falls to the ground yelling "Ow, my ear!"

I guess my aim was off.

So I do it again.

Nick very pleased of having been punched in the face goes home.

The next day I stop by his work to see how he is. He has a cut on his cheek, I assume from one of the many rings I wore back then. And a small bruise around his eye and is smiling from ear to ear. He's been telling everyone at work how he got punched the night before, and I am being met with "Why would you do that to him?" from his co-workers.
However both of us were laughing about the entire thing, so I guess it was all good.

Tomorrow I will tell you the story of Nick huddling in the corner in terror and John in his underpants.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Well slap my bum and call me Sally!

So I have been trying very hard to try and be a bit more at peace with just my over all life.
I can be a pretty negative person, so I am trying to keep and eye on my attitude. Which has been hard the last few weeks as I have been sick as a dog.
I have allot of people who don't talk to me, not sure why, they just stopped talking to me. It has been years, and I really don't care anymore. Like me, hate me, whatever.
So imagine my shock the other night when someone appologized to me for treating me poorly almost 2 years ago!
I couldn't believe it!
I knew exactly what he was talking about, that was the moment I decided any friendship I thought I had with these people was obviously not there, and we haven't spoken since. Not that we were ever good friends to begin with, I think we had only met face to face on maybe 2 or 3 ocassions. Basically what happened was, I walked up to them to say hi, and they looked at me, then looked away and pretended I wasn't there. There may have also been a slightly hurtful remark made by one of them, but I won't get into that.
So I walked away, and that was that. I have seen them since and we just don't acknowledge each other and move on. Which kind of sucks because prior to that I actually really liked them and thought they were nice people. So at the moment when an appology was offered the other night, I was amazed! I was thankful it was made, and he may not remember doing it as he was drunk, I was not so I remember it quite clearly. It really helped restore a little bit of faith in a group of people I had lost all faith in.