Monday, 11 March 2013

Well slap my bum and call me Sally!

So I have been trying very hard to try and be a bit more at peace with just my over all life.
I can be a pretty negative person, so I am trying to keep and eye on my attitude. Which has been hard the last few weeks as I have been sick as a dog.
I have allot of people who don't talk to me, not sure why, they just stopped talking to me. It has been years, and I really don't care anymore. Like me, hate me, whatever.
So imagine my shock the other night when someone appologized to me for treating me poorly almost 2 years ago!
I couldn't believe it!
I knew exactly what he was talking about, that was the moment I decided any friendship I thought I had with these people was obviously not there, and we haven't spoken since. Not that we were ever good friends to begin with, I think we had only met face to face on maybe 2 or 3 ocassions. Basically what happened was, I walked up to them to say hi, and they looked at me, then looked away and pretended I wasn't there. There may have also been a slightly hurtful remark made by one of them, but I won't get into that.
So I walked away, and that was that. I have seen them since and we just don't acknowledge each other and move on. Which kind of sucks because prior to that I actually really liked them and thought they were nice people. So at the moment when an appology was offered the other night, I was amazed! I was thankful it was made, and he may not remember doing it as he was drunk, I was not so I remember it quite clearly. It really helped restore a little bit of faith in a group of people I had lost all faith in.

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