Wednesday, 3 April 2013


So I would have been 14. I beleieve it was summer time.
My sister and I were grounded.
If I remember correctly on of the many times we had been grounded that year.
Either drinking or smoking, maybe both.
What? I was 14!
My parents were going to go see the new Kevin Costner movie that had come out, and since they wanted to keep an eye on us they made us go with them.
The movie.
135 minutes of bad acting, poor story line, and just all around badness!
After the movie was over, as we exited the Riverview mall...

Yes the mall, it wasn't always one big giant call center!

My father looked at my sister and I and said "Well. I think you've been punished enough! Grounding is over."

So thank you Waterworld. You got me off my grounding early when I was 14.

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