Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Cause I'm kind of mean!

So at my work I regulary work with 3 other men.
One of the men has a deal with our head office that he can take a truck home at night. He lives 10 minutes outside of town.
So, trucks being trucks, ocassionally one needs to go into tthe shop for repairs. Yesterday morning there was scheduling confusion, and the a truck was in the shop. This person showed up for work, and another driver did not. So after looking at the schedule I moved some things around and let this guy know that what he was supposed to do at 12:30 has been cancelled, and that the other drivers responsibilities were being done as they were priority at the moment.
So he assumed he was taking it.
Ummmm.... No!
You're done for the day at 12. Cause the other driver missed almost a full day of work the day before, and he doesn't have a special deal worked out with head office the way the other guys does concerning his paychecks.
So he comes back at 12:30, met by a very angry me as he purposely made the other guy late. I informed him he was not being paid for the extra time he decided to add, and he was of course mad cause he's being sent home, and because he didn't get away with his little trick.
So he puts his coat on and sits at my desk and begins tapping his fingers glaring at me.
I ignore him and continue working away.
He goes into another room, sighing loudly every few seconds, loudly opening and closing drawers.
I continue to ignore him.
He goes into the kitchen and begins playing music loudly, pacing and looking out at me every few minutes glaring and throwing his hands into the air.
I continue to ignore him.
This goes on for 4.5 hours!
The reason for this. He expected me to drive him home.
Please note 3 things.
-The deal he has worked out with head office is great, but I don't get my gas reimbursed for my 20 minute trip, and it is not my responsibility to make time for this in my already hectic day.
-He could have jumped in the truck with another driver and gotten a lift, but refused to do so.

He just expected me to jump to make his life more convenient.
I'm sorry but not in my job description.
So that was my day yesterday, watching him pace, sigh, and throw his hands up in fustration cursing under his breath. And me trying really hard not to let him see me laughing.

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