Thursday, 8 May 2014

Someone just reminded me of this, and it's really funny to me.

So many years ago I had a friend. He's still a friend actually.
Anyway. At one time we attempted dating. It didn't go well. I think we lasted 2 weeks, maybe not even that long. Unsure.
Anyway, we stayed friends after the fact and eventually both moved on. He moved on with a co-worker of mine, which was fine, for me. Not so much her.
She became very jealous of our friendship, because we had recently broken up. I tried to assure her there was nothing between us, and I assume he did too. Again, unsure, never asked him.
So it came to pass that he was no longer allowed to talk to me. This put allot of our mutual friends in a wierd position. We all usually hung out at the same bar, and if we were both there who do they hang out with. It was just weird!
She began bad mouthing me at work. Not saying the usual catty crap girls say, she diagnosed me with a mental disorder claiming she had worked as the receptionist for a psychiatrist and knew about this stuff. So eventually word got back to me through the guy I was seeing, who I am now married too, as we worked in the same building and people mentioned it to him after seeing him with me.
Really, they were looking out for him, seeing as he was dating a woman that had been diagnosed by girlfriend of her ex. Of course the diagnosis was fully legit.
It got bad enough that I eventually went to HR about her, not that it went anywhere, he was not interested in hearing this. Which is kind of fair as it's pretty high school in a way, but in another it's work place harassment.

This is where it gets funny.

Clearly as co-workers we had to be around each other from time to time. We worked in different departments and I could see her desk from mine. One night I had to go into the kitchen to use the phone. I looked, and she was no where to be seen. So how do I avoid her... I decided to cut through the bathroom to the doors that lead to the kitchen. Enter the first set, nothing, second doors, nothing, third doors almost run her over.
I was so on edge baout trying not to see her, that when I saw her I screamed and yelled "OH MY GOD!"
Seriously, not on purpose, it just scared the crap out of me when I opened the door.
Then began laughing, really hard because the entire situation was so ridiculous.
She did not see the humor, muttered something I can't remember and stormed off.

A guy I work with just opened the door and another guy was standing there and he screamed a bit, which reminded me of this, which made me laugh so hard I was crying. It's still kind of funny 12 years later.

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