Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I'm pretty sure I'm not on drugs.

On a regular day I usually have a moment or 2 that makes me raise my eyebrows, or eyebrow! The left one, cause I can raise that one independently.
Not the right one though.

Stupid right eyebrow.

This morning was like any other day. My alarm went off, and I had to decide between the snooze button or weeping quietly as I made my way to the shower.
I chose snooze.
I got ready for the day, massive amounts of make-up to try to give the impression to people around me that I have a clear complexion.
Ran out of time so my hair got put in a ponytail.
Wrestled with a cat to get him into a carrier to bring him to get his boys snipped.
Came to work.
This is when the moment happened that I was trying to figure out if I took a hit of acid before I left the house. I have wracked my brain and decided that I in fact did not take a hit of acid, nor did I digest any mushrooms of any sort. I think I would remember if I had injected or snorted anything, so I am pretty sure at this moment I am in fact in full control of my faculties.
A co-worker came into work and handed me something. What they handed me was something they did, that they were not supposed to do. They did it knowing they were not supposed to, and we had a conversation about it last night and it is not what was discussed.
So of course I ask why they did this.
He first lies about the timeline.
Whatever, lets move on.
Then he appologizes. I say it's okay and ask him not to do it again in the future.
You would assume conversation over, right?
He continues appologizing.
I again assure him it's okay, please just don't do it again.
This happens 2 more times, then I just begin looking at him and he's appologizing and appologizing over and over, he's waving his hands widely, shouting "What more can I say I'm sorry, I already told you that!"
I'm just staring at him as this continues for about 90 seconds.
Then I again repeat "It's okay, don't worry about it." and he continues freaking out and appologizing over and over.
At this point I am trying to figure out if he is on drugs, because I am not really sure what is happening right now.
Eventually, he leaves in a huff acting like I was attacking him, however I wasn't actually saying anything just staring a little wide eyed because he was acting a little crazy.

So I am trying to decide what this was about.
What you should know about this particular person is this. A few weeks ago I took a day off. It was a Thursday, and this is something that rarely happens. While I was gone this person called my boss and began telling her things about me that were 100% untrue in an attempt to get me fired.
I don't know honestly. Unfortunately it didn't surprise me as much as it should have as our relationship is strained to say the least.
We had cameras installed a few weeks ago, and my back would have been to the camera while this was happening, while he was flailing and acting like I was attacking him. I honestly think it was a show for my boss so she would think I was yelling at him.

You are reading this thinking this sounds crazy, and it totally does. However in the past 2 years the amount of stunts this guy has pulled to get me fired or get me to quit because he thinks he will get my job if I am gone are too numerous to count.
And honestly, if he wants my job, he can have it. I give him a week. Enjoy the stress and the pay cut! Let me know when your done and I will come fix everything.

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