Monday, 11 February 2013

Pretty dangly ear ornaments

When I was 11 for grading my aunt took me and my sister to get our ears pierced. We went to Shoppers Drug Mart, and had them pierced with the hole punch staple device at the cosmetics counter.
I got mine done, then my sister got 1 done, then after about 30 minutes of convincing, she tearfully agreed to get the other one done.
It was sad.
The moment you realize you have a higher pain tolerance then your older sister. So you sneak into her room when she's asleep at night flick her in her sore ears and run away!
No... I didn't actually do that. However considering the numerous times she tried to kill me as a child, I probably should have.
Just saying...
And to my sister who is probably reading this... LUV YUUUUUU!

So when I was 16 and able to legally walk into a store and get my ears pierced with the ear hole puncher of death, I went with my friend Miriam and got 2 more in each ear.
I did not want my parents to find out. Which was stupid, cause they were right there on my freakin head! And I had pretty short hair at the time.
So I showed them to Miriams mother and made her swear secrecy from my parents. Little did I know my mother and her mother were in a secret club of tattling mothers who looked out for each other and ratted out  innocent teenagers! So as I was climbing into my mothers car Miriams mom yelled out, "Tell Katie I love her new ear holes!"



So as I was slinking down in my seat probably turning numerous colors going from anger, to fear, to terror. My mother said "What did she say?"


No, that's not what I said. I showed her, she sighed, rolled her eyes and said "Don't tell your Dad until he notices." Which was approximately 6 months later.
No joke!

Which is pretty good considering I had my belly button pierced for well over a year until my sister told them what I had done. In her defense it was not in a mean way, she was actually sticking up for me at the time.

Still with me?
Yeah, that's all. No real point.

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