Friday, 19 July 2013

The customer may not always be right, but they aren't morons!

So once upon a time, the motto of pretty much evey company was "The customer is always right!" The issue with this is known by anyone who has ever worked in any company where they have had to deal with customers. Customers, are sometimes wrong, and they took this motto and felt it gave them license to be obnoxious assholes!
The motto itself has fallen to the wayside. However, now I feel that allot of times we are being met with customer service representatives treating their customers like morons when the customer tries to get fair service.
Yesterday I went into a store to purchase clothes for my son. They had shorts on super cheap and I had a coupon on my phone for an additional 20% off. So I was stocking up on a few summer items for next year. I picked out 3 pairs of shorts and a t-shirt and went to the cash. As soon as she began ringing me in I had the coupon up on my phone and showed it to her. When the cost came up I thought it seemed a bit high, but paid and left. My husband also commented it seemed high, and I took out the receipt and noticed they didn't give me the 20% off. I went back in and a different woman assisted me. I told her I had the coupon on my phone, but the discount wasn't taken off. She looked, said it wasn't then said "You have to actually show her the coupon before she rings it in you know."
I looked at her and said "I did."
Then the other girl turned around and said "It's my fault, she showed it to me, I forgot to add it."
I appreciated the other girl letting this woman know I had in fact showed it to her, but I couldn't believe that she immediately assumed I was just so stupid that I was in the wrong.
People really need to learn about customer service. It seems like no one cares about putting pride into their work anymore. Maybe she was just having a bad day, I'm not sure. I wasn't rude about it, I just went back and asked if I could get my discount, I was surprised by the reaction by the woman that served me.

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