Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I don't know what I'm actually doing!!

 So back to school time was quickly approaching, for most people anyway. Not me. My son is too young to begin school just yet. Although he really thought he was starting school, and it took us a long time to convince him that he was starting next year, not this year. And also there was a period where we had to assure him no matter how much he said it, he was in fact 4 not 5 years of age.
 I decided to go on line to the District 2 website and fine the information about enrolling your child in school. I have faint memories of my sister not realizing you had to do it like a year in advance and rushing to the school a week before it was about to start and trying to get my neice a spot. I, like my sister, am also lacking in the school registration ESP other parents seem to have acquired over the years. So in being me and trying to be prepared well in advance!
Yes, I have begun my Christmas shopping already, thanks for asking!
 I begin searching the website, and I cannot find the detailed information on when or how to register, I do eventually find a registration form however, so I fill it out and send it in.
 I get a call about a week later from the school asking me to bring in his vaccination card, and honestly, although I should have thought about it a bit more, the only thought that went through my head was, "I have a year to get it in. Plenty of time!"
 So the day after kindergarten begins I come home and there is another message on my phone saying my son missed orientation, and they were wondering where he was.
 I called back and left a message explaining the error and appologizing. And thought that was that.
 Yesterday my husband who was home sick calls and tells me the school just called. Not only that, they called my parents house as well as they were listed as the emergency contact.
 I call the woman back and explain the error, and tell her I left a message last week and I guess she didn't get it and she says "No. I got your message."
 Which confused me as to why I was now having this conversation with her, but here we are just the same.
 So I explain that my son really wanted to begin school and was heart broken when he couldn't this year, so I ask "Can I just bring him tomorrow and he can start now."
 Honestly I have been saving money for a tattoo and I would have gone out last night and bought him all his supplies with that money!
 She said she was unsure, put me on hold, I assume asked someone, and came back and said no. I thought to myself, "His age has not changed in the last hour. If I hadn't said anything you would have taken him without question, so why can't he start now?" But kept my mouth shut and ended the very confusing conversation.
 What can I say, I am the queen at first impressions!

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