Thursday, 10 January 2013

All the way in!

Tuesday night I was laying in bed watching t.v. I was watching Modern Family and my intention was to turn the t.v. off when it was done. Then this completely random show came on called The Middle.
At first I was surprised that the mom from Everybody Loves Raymond, and the janitor from Scrubs got their own show. Then I thought how nice it was that all these sitcoms actors get a second chance with shows that are not a spin off of the show they were on initially. So no, this is not a show about how Raymond's wife left him for the janitor she met at the hospital while having her left leg amputated.
At first I was unimpressed. The over acting by the children on the show did not appeal to me in the least. And I'm quite sure the person playing youngest child is actually a very short 30 year old man. Also the story line seemed weak, that is until Brooke Shields came on.
Yup! Booke Shields was the white trash, mulleted (Is mulleted a word? It has to be right? Mulleted: A person wearing a mullet. I may have to look that up.) neighbor with a accent I could only place as deep south trailer park who threatened to punch in the boobs of the main female character.
That's right! She was going to punch her boobs in!
How could you knot watch something that had a line like that? And for the rest of show they continued to reference how she didn't want to have her boobs punched in, or how she was in fact going to punch her boobs in and I thought "This is fantastic!" Cause I am easily amused when I should be sleeping, and because well, come on! She was gonna punch her BOOBS IN!
So now I have decided I need to use this more in my everyday life. I mean there have to many opportunities to threaten to punch someone's boobs in that I have never before thought of cause it never occured to me I could threaten such a thing!
Like if you go through a drive through and they screw up your order. What better time to threaten to punch someones boobs in?
Also, just in this alone I have mentioned punching someones boobs in 8 times and it still makes you smile a little every time! Am I right?

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