Friday, 18 January 2013

How many times has your mother died exactly?

Everybody lies at some point in their life. If you are saying right now you never lie, then you are currently lying you liar!
But then you get those career liars! The ones that lie so much they have either become experts, or are known for being liars.
I worked in call centers for many years. And the worst job I had for dealing with liars was working in a pay as you go department for a cellular provider.
People would by cards worth so much money. The money on the card was good for 30 days. If you added a new card within the 30 days any money still on the account would roll over and take on the new expiration date which was in 30 days from when the last card was added.
Get it?


Well I don't know what to tell you, just keep reading.

The most common excuse I got when someone forgot to add a new card within the 30 days was "But my Mom died!" The second most common "But my Grandmother died!". This excuse was used so we would credit back the money lost, most times equaling less then $1.
They were killing off family members for mere pennies! Classy bunch of people!
It was my absolute biggest pet peave with the job. Especially since we left notes after every conversation and you would see some people's mother had died the week before every month for the last handful of months.
I got a transfer to a new department and had to start training. The training room had been double booked the morning we were supposed to begin training, so we had to jump on the phone for a very short period of time. In the 1 hour I was on the phone 3 people killed off their mother and 1 killed off their grandmother.
And why only the mother or grandmother? How come your dad never kicked the imaginary bucket?
I don't get it!

And now for your amusement, Henry Rollins ladies and gentleman!

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