Saturday, 12 January 2013

Kids = No money left

So yesterday I took my son to get his eyes checked. We discovered that he like myself is far sited. It's worse in his left eye then in his right, which oddly is the same for me.
Also he has an astigmatism, which is also worse in his left eye then his right. I don't have that.
I was caught a little off guard because up until just over a year ago I had perfect vision. And the prescription I have is so slight, that I really only need my glasses to read, and drive. I tend to always wear them though because I do notice a difference when I take them off, and after awhile I do feel a bit of a strain. His father has perfect vision as well, however my husband is adopted so we have no idea what may run in his family.
We first go to Brunswick Optical, a place recommended by my mothers friend. My son was very picky. He wanted green glasses. They had to be grass green or lime green like the dinosaur on his shirt.
The woman was such a sweetheart. She really tried, however my son just wasn't having it. We told him that some of them they could order in the right color, however if it wasn't the right color at the store he wouldn't put them on.
Next we went to Vogue Optical. (Oddly there were 3 optical places all within a block of each other) they were closed, so we went to Hakim Optical.
I walked in with my 3 year old son. A woman with bleach blond hair sporting various colors of pink greeted me. I told her my son needed glasses, and he would like them in green. She stood blocking the wall with the kids glasses and said "We don't have green glasses that will fit him. You need to go somewhere else."
I asked "Can you order some in green?"
Her "No I can't."
Me, "Well can he try some on and see if maybe there is a style he likes?"
Her, "We don't have anything for you here. You need to go somewhere else."


What do I say here? Honestly.
I have a 3 year old little boy who needs glasses, I myself am wearing glasses, and I am being told by a woman that works at a store that purely sells glasses and contacts to get out.

So I left.
What was I supposed to do? Cause a scene in front of my son? Throw a tantrum like a child?
I will be speaking with their head office. I was not poorly dressed, I was freshly bathed, and maybe she didn't take kindly to the zombie roller girl on my shirt, or maybe my leopard print coat is not her taste. I do however have a pretty good job, as does my husband, and I was a customer just asking to be treated with a little respect.

I then went to Vogue Optical. We actually found him a pair of grass green glasses with lime green polka dots on them. He was so excited when he saw those, we were able to look around a bit more. And found some blue spiderman glasses. So he got 2 pairs.

His astigmatism is pretty severe according to the woman at the counter. The have to send the glasses away and have the lenses specially made, especially where each eye is different. So even with the buy 1 pair get one free, with the cost of the lenses for each pair of glasses made the price sky rocket! And we paid over $300. Not to mention the $100 we spent on his eye test yesterday.
So this is quite honestly costing us a fortune. And last night I discovered I don't have vision on my medical coverage. My husband has $200 for our son on his, I have nothing. So we will get back $200 of the almost $500 we have put out in the past 24 hours, but the majority of it is lost.
Why the crap does my work not cover vision? Especially when they began naming the random stuff that is covered! Stuff I have never heard of, the absolute 1 and only thing they do not assist with in any way is vision! That's awesome considering now 2/3 of my family wears glasses!

Anyway, the moral. kids are expensive, and avoid Hakim Optical.

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