Monday, 28 January 2013

If the cops don't catch ya!

So I have this neighbor. He's new, and renting a house 2 doors down. Every 3 weeks or so he brings the bar home with him. And they all drive to the house, and stand outside drinking and yelling. They are drunk upon arrival, drink until usually 5-6am, and drive home.
They wake up the entire neighborhood. They stand outside yelling every word, and even though the cops are called, (Not by me, but I have had neighborswho have told me they called) they don't seem to ever come.
So here is my solution.
Not to them partying.
But to them drinking and driving and seemingly getting away with it.
If you have proof, not just cause your neighbors and ass and you feel like it. But if you see someone drinking and driving. See them get out of the car with drink in hand, or stumble out and stagger or crawl to the door. Swerving all over the road. Actual knowledge, no doubt in your mind that they are in fact drunk and just drove you should take a can of spray paint, go to their car and write in big letters "I drank and drove" and the date!

Now, my husband does not feel this is a good idea, as we ourselves have pushed the limit. And he's right, I have in my day done very stupid things. However, this was when I was very young, very stupid, and thought I was invincible. The people doing this in my neighborhood, are not young, stupid yes, but not young! They are 30's and 40's, and at this point old enough to know better.

I really wouldn't care so much if it wasn't for my neighbor. He's an alcoholic that had his license taken from him. My son was 4 months old. We were on our way out the door, and I forgot something and turned around to get it. When I turned back around his car came speeding over my front lawn, he swerved to avoid hitting my house and instead hit the fire hydrant in front of his. If I hadn't forgotten that item I would have been standing on my front walkway with my son when his car came. It was stupid luck! The cops came. He went to jail. His car was towed, and his license taken away for life. However that was the exact moment when I lost any and all patience for anyone driving under the influence! As I stood there with my husband behind me on my front porch, both of us very thankful that I turned around and had to grab something.
Yes, have a beer, even have 2 depending on your tolerance. However if you have a buzz going, lets just opt for a cab, or walk. There's a large obesity problem in North America, maybe you could use the excercise.
I feel if the cops don't catch ya, but you walk out the next day with punishment for your crime, then maybe it would cut back on people attempting to do it!
Just saying.
It's not vandalism if it's true.
I think.
Don't quote me on that.

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