Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Then I can get my driveway plowed for FREE!

When I leave for work in the morning I notice a small mob gathers in front of a house close to the corner.
At first I assume they were protesting the rights of the vertically challenged as some of them were abnormally short for protestors. As it turns out they were elementary school children waiting for a bus with their parents!
Who knew?
So yesterday I observed the owners of the home attmepting to pack their car for waht appeared to be a skiing trip.
Cause they were packing skis! That's how!
You know you just asked in your head how I knew it was a skiing trip, don't lie.
The parents and children seemed to feel they had dibs on the driveway owned by the soon to be skiers. And were standing in there way, refusing to move. I know this because the bus was coming and I was sitting at a stop sign watching this (In awe of the sheer lack of manners by the parents they were instilling in their children before my very EYES!) waiting for the bus to pass. Then the bus came around the corner and blocked the intersection, because there was a car on the road and the driver refused to go around the car!
I know! A whole lotta jerks in this story!
So then I decided that if School District 1 feels it has the power to assign the driveway as a bus stop, then in order to keep it safe for the children, they they should have to plow the driveway when it snows!
It's only fair.
So I am now trying to figure out how to make my driveway a bus stop for a school, so I can get my driveway cleared for free!
I know, I'm a genius! Thank You. Really? The Nobel prize, for me little ole me and my genius! I couldn't, well... Maybe just the money.

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  1. lol, idk how many kids/parents are you talking about having in your driveway?? i think i'd skip the free plowing and be out there on my hands and knees with a spoon and tonka truck clearing my own snow.. but this is coming from a country girl that loves her space and piece & quiet. :)