Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Nice chest hair.

Part of my job involves conducting interviews.
This was something I was excited to do at first. That ended quickly.
The first thing I realized is that I am not always the best judge of character. The first person I ever hired, talked allot during his interview, and was so nervous he was shaking. I just assumed it was his nerves.
He loves to talk, and complain, and make wild over the top hand gestures, and repeats himself over and over and over again. There are days when I have listened to the same rant 3 or more times! And he'll say his speal, then start it over from the beginning, so I get to listen to it again!
Also, when I first began I would get upset at how lazy these people were. They usually came in in jeans, something I would never do. And on more then 1 occassion they were in desperate need of a bath. Also, they seemed to feel they were God's gift to trucking!

1st rule: An interview does not mean you have the job. Do not walk in assuming you do, and demanding more money then the wage offered. It will end the interview, and your chances very quickly!

My husband would have to talk me down, because I got upset with how these men were dressed. He would explain that truck drivers are different, and a trucking job is something that means you need a certain amount of comfort as you are sitting in a small space, without bathing for days at a time. That's fine, but when you get home, do the rest of the world a favor and take a quick dip in the tub.

2nd rule: If you smell bad and I can't stand being near you for a short interview, I will not want to be near you any other time.

3rd rule: I don't care if it's a work from home job and you plan to be in your pajamas everyday! Take the time to get dressed before you come!

There is nothing wrong with checking in to see if a decision is made. If you call me 5 times just the day of the interview alone, you are no longer a candidate! At this point you are an irritation that clearly does not realize I have work to do, and I am trying to get it done.

4th rule: You can be to overeager! Respect the interviewers time.

My absolute biggest pet peave whether you are employed here, or trying to get the job, is showing off your chest hair! Button up your shirt, this is not a freakin disco! I have actually had meetings with my current guys and told them to button up there shirt. This does not mean it has to be choking you, it just means button it enough that I don't have to see your chest hair, the gold chain you insist on wearing cause it "cool", or that you don't look sloppy or lazy.
It's not a company rule, it just bothers me!

5th rule: I would love to hear stories about your time at Studio 54, but I don't need to see the outfit you wore that time you picked up a girl who turned out to be Miss Jay!

I just did 5 interviews for a position. I had 1 out of the 5 candidates walk in well dressed, clean, he was polite, and very qualified. I had another guy come in who was just as qulaified, however when the decision came down between the 2, I chose the first guy. I liked the second guy, but he came in in jeans, an old tattered shirt, unbuttoned well past the usual comfort point. I'm pretty sure I saw a nipple!
When it comes down to it, I don't want to ever have a conversation with you about the way you're dressed when you come in for work. Or the way you smell! Not applicable to this guy, however I have had a few stinky men walk in looking for a job!

6th rule: Perhaps the most important! Do not bad mouth your current employer!

I assume there is a reason you want to leave, and persoanlly I'm not going to ask. If you begin bad mouthing the company, your boss, or anything else, well then what's gonna stop you from trashing this company once you begin working here and we do something you don't like. Just don't do it!

Anyway, that is all for now!

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