Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Are you still with me?

In grade 1 I went to Bessborough school. I had a teacher who was apparently named Mrs. Hore. Something I wouldn't actually remember, accept when I was about 12 or 13 my family was driving in a car, or possibly a van, and my father said "Girls? Do you remember your first grade teachers name?"
My sister and I responded "No, why?"
My Mother was saying "Tom! Stop!"
My Father laughing said "Mrs. Hore."
Which sent my sister and I into a fit of laughter. Then he said "Do you know what her first name was?"
My mother getting louder "Tom! Don't you dare!"
My sister and I "What! What!"
My dad "Ima!"
Which of course made my sister and I laugh until tears were streaming down our faces, my mother was glaring at my father, and my father was grinning from ear to ear.
Now I have no clue if my 1st grade teachers name was actually Ima Hore. Judging from the fact my mother knew what was coming I would have to assume it was. And if it was Mrs. Hore, why would she take her husbands name knowing she would be forever known as Ima Hore?
I remember 2 things about the class. I sat next to a really tall girl named Tamara, and I used to steal erasers out of her desk. Not full erasers. Tamara would take the erasers out of the stubs of her pencils, and for some reason I would try to get them out of her desk without her knowledge. Presumably because I was a clepto in grade 1.
Something I have since gotten over.
Also I remember a little boy in the class knocked over a snow globe on her desk and broke it, and she lost her mind.
This was back before there was a rule about touching students, and it was pretty much a free for all where teachers were concerned. She didn't hit him, but she did grab him and shake him, and make him clean up the broken glass. I don't remember the boys name, or have any memory of us ever speaking, but I remember that!
In grade 2 I had Ms. Dougall, not to be mistaken with my grade 6 teacher Mrs. McDougall who oddly was not Scottish but a small East Indian woman who insisted on calling me by both my first and middle name.
Ms. Dougall was mean! That's all I really remember about her. I couldn't read, and she would yell at me and put me on display. Now you think my lack of knowledge int his department would be blamed on the Hore in the grade 1 class.
See what I did there?
However this was not the case. The only memory I have of her is her yelling at me aaaall the time!
My sisters grade 3 class was overcrowded so some of the students got transfered to another school not far from there called Hillcrest. Since my sister was leaving, I got transfered to! There I had my absolute favorite teacher ever, Mrs. Geldart! And it's a good thing she was my favorite because I had to repeat the 2nd grade due to my lack of reading skills. The first year at Hillcrest I spent the mornings in grade 1 and the afternoons in grade 2. The grade 1 and 2 teachers put together a program to help me learn to read with phonics! You see our lovely Government did away with the phonics system deciding memorization was the way to go. And I had memorized the entire grade 1 reading material. however I could not take the words and place them in another book. And really, I wasn't reading, just remembering the words and the order they were in!
So after much work I finally learned how to read.
In grade 6th I switched schools again and went to Frank L. Bowser.
Grade 7 was Riverview Junior High.
The first 3 months of grade 8 were at Hillcrest again. Then back to Riverview Junior High. Grade 9 was the Wesleyan Christian Academy, that lasted for 3 years. And this should have brought me to my grade 12 year. However, the Christian Academy worked very differently from public school, and I ended up behind when I returned to public school in grade 12. So I had to stay and extra year.
And this is why if ever I referance something and say I was in high school at the time, but going clubbing on the weekends it will make sense because I was 19 when I graduated from high school! And as you know, being Canadian, 19 is the legal drinking age!
Not that I ever drank if you are reading this and I call you mom!
Really, I didn't, not at all! You should go talk to your other daughter though, cause I think I saw her drink a beer once.

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