Monday, 21 January 2013

Do you think things like this.

So a few months ago I am driving on the highway on my way to make a bank deposit for work. I notice on the side of the road a blue reclining chair.
Just sitting there.
Being all chair like!

So I thought to myself, "How odd! I wonder if someone is coming back to pick it up?" Cause it seemed reasonable it may be missed, but also it was sitting perfectly straight facing traffic. It seemd like it was put there on purpose.
Then I decided that on the weekend I would like to get bunny slippers, a silk robe with a dickie, a pipe and a newspaper and have my husband drop me off at the chair for about an hour.
It's simple. It would be one of those things that if you witnessed it you would never forget it, and why not! I wanted to sit in the chair smoking a pipe reading the paper on the side of the highway! It seemed like the only real option in this blue chair on the side of the highway situation.

So fast forward about 2 months later.

We have 2 Zellers stores in our town.
One was in liquidation as they are both closing. So the one in Dieppe was reducing their prices by quite a bit. Santa made a killing on the sales!
So it comes closer to the end and all their fixtures are now for sale as well.
So again, on my way to do a deposit for work I notice that the giant Z for Zellers on the side of the buiding is gone.
So I wonder. Did someone buy the Z? Was the Z missing before and I am only noticing now? Where's the Z?
So I have concluded that someone offered them $20 for the Z, and they sold it to the person in question. And now there is someone in town with a giant light up Z in their living room. So of course, I now have to find this person and hang out at their place and have my picture taken with the Z as proof!
You have got to set goals for yourself in life! And my goal is to hang out in a living room with a giant red light up Z!

Am I the only one who thinks things like this?
Should I make an appointment to see a Doctor?

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  1. OMG Katie, your a hoot! I can so tell you i would never forget seeing something like that on the highway!